Polish conversational classes for foreigners

Polish conversational classes for foreigners – Let’s drink a cup of coffee together and speak Polish! – Dogadaj się! po polsku (min. level A2)

This course is simple – it is based on casual everyday conversation over a cup of coffee (Why coffee? Because coffee is a nice and relaxing addiction to speak a foreign language. Ok, if you wanna drink tea or something other – don’t worry, you can do it. Or maybe don’t you wanna drink anything? That’s not a problem! Our conversation counts the most 🙂 ).

We will talk just like friends but I’ll ask you many questions, so be ready for that! If you need to prepare a special topic, do it, I will listen to you and correct your mistakes.

There are some topics we could talk about: a day in your life, your work, hobbies, family, travel, home decor, food, culture, to name a few.

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